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Add-Drop Approval Hours for 2018-19 Fall Semester

Updated on October 9th, 10:00 am! Wednesday (Oct. 10th )          15:30 – 16:30 Friday  (Oct. 12th )                  14:30 – 15:30 Please email kulah (at) metu.edu.tr, if none of these slots are suitable for you.

Interview with Prof. Külah on FLAMENCO Project

The first issue of the METU Campus newsletter features Prof. Haluk Külah’s ERC project on MEMS based cochlear implants. http://kampus.metu.edu.tr/bilimsel/erc-destegi-ile-isitme-cihazlarinda-cigir-acan-proje (in turkish) http://kampus.metu.edu.tr/en/science/breakthrough-project-hearing-devices-erc-support (in english)

FLAMENCO Project Web Site

FLAMENCO Project (ERC Consolidator Grant funded by EU Horizon 2020) web page is active now. Please visit https://flamenco.metu.edu.tr.

ODTÜ Teknokent Achievement Award

Prof. Dr. Haluk Külah received TTO (Technology Transfer Office) Award by ODTÜ Teknokent.

Thesis of the Year award to Dr. Kaveh Gharehbaghi

Dr. Kaveh Gharehbaghi’s Ph.D. Thesis has been awarded with the “Thesis of the Year” award by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Parlar, Research and Education Foundation.

Prospective Students

Seeking for graduate students to work on BioMEMS, Microfluidics, Energy Harvesting, and Mixed Signal IC Design fields. Interested students can stop by my office to get more info. (Announcement in pdf)

2015 ERC Consolidator Grant

Prof. Haluk Külah received 2015 ERC Consolidator Grant with the project proposal FLAMENCO.

ODTÜ Teknokent Achievement Award

Prof. Haluk Külah received ODTÜ Teknokent Achievement Award in number of granted patents category.

Garsha Bahrieh receives Thesis of the Year Award

Garsha Bahrieh’s M.Sc. thesis has been awarded with the “Thesis of the Year Award” given by the METU, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Graduate Research Workshop Awards

3 of BioMEMS group members won 4 awards in 2015 GRW. 1. Yağmur Demircan: Best Poster and Best Presentation (3rd Place) Awards, 2. Hasan Uluşan: Best Poster Award, 3. Eren Aydın: Best Poster Award.