BioMEMS and Microfluidics

Cell Cytometry
Drug Resistance Detection  drug effect
Cell Seperation using Dielectrophoresis   DEP2DEP1
Rare Cell Detection using Mechanical Resonant Structures  resonator
New Generation Cochlear Implants utilizing Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters   cochlear2Untitled
DNA Mutation Analysis & Chip Scale Electrophoresis  EP1
Heteroduplex Analysis  EP2 EP2
Chip-Scale Bacteria, Virus, and Toxin Detection (MRSA, SEB, E.Coli, …)
Electrochemical Detection  ECS
CMOS Based DNA Sensors  CMOS
Microvalves and Pumps for LOC Systems  Untitled4
Drug Effect Analysis Systems  drug analysis
Interface Control Electronics for LOC Systems
Electronics for temperature control, sensor electronics etc.  electronics